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Agnieszka Klonowska – Leadership Development Trainer, Circular Economy promotor, Eco – Business World Founder

Soft skills development trainer a spacially behavioral intelligence, emotional Intelligence, communication. My passion has always been human resources and man as a set – behaviors, reactions,
emotions and the source of their origin as well as talents and passions. I introduce completely new energy to the organization. I am an attentive observer, he feels people very much, releases what is destructive, helps to restore order and affect the increase in the efficiency of people and, as a result, the company.



With a background in civil & businesslaw Ad developed and lead inspiring projects in the field of sustainable development, ranging from introduction of biological food in the army to energy-producing urban-developments. He established several green energy companies.  Ad is inspired by the principles of nature and now leads projects on how to transfer biomass into usefull and circular products. Next to that he is an experienced facilitator in leadership and personal development, inspired by nature’s principles.



Giovanni Tumminello

He is a A-player free-lancer business consultant and circular economy expert with a five-year experience in the Management of Sustainable Business Growth in various industries. Recently, he joined the “Circular Economy Club” covering the position of leading representative for the city of Gdansk. Beside it, currently he is developing a model for the Sustainable Development of SEZs as project for his Ph.D. program at the Gdansk University of Technology. In his daily activity, he is actively playing his individual role helping individuals and organisations to adopt and create synergistic strategies for the establishment of circular sustainable developing models.


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